Social and Professional Issues is a course for the students to gain necessary theoretical knowledge and skills to critically analyze ethical dilemma, evaluate alternatives, and communicate all stakeholders the decision taken in a convincing manner. It is important to note and understand legal issues in designing, implementing, deploying, and operating information systems and appraise possible technical and legal solutions.

This course extends the topics of the Information Management (DBMS1) course and introduces new knowledge like data mining and data warehousing. It explores advanced database and associated technologies, the management of database systems, the data modelling options, facilitating the storage and use of data.

This course deals with the concepts, underlying principles, processes and implementation of a business plan. The preliminaries of this course include the following: 1) discussion on the relevance of the course; 2) explanation of key concepts of common competencies; 3) explanation of core competencies relative to the course; and 4) exploration of career opportunities.

This course aims to provide students the fundamental knowledge and skills in the development of applications for web, mobile, and emerging technologies with emphasis on requirements management, interface design, usability, testing, and deployment.