The course introduces ethics and ethical theories; provides discussions on the ethical dilemmas and issues facing IT practitioners. An appreciation and discussion of the Code of Ethics of I.T. Professionals; cyber-crimes and appropriate Philippine Laws are also included.

The CWTS I is a three (3) unit course and a classroom-based discussion that encompasses the common module phase for all National Service Training Program students. Topics include the orientation on the NSTP Law, discussion on the Human Person, The Filipino Value System, Leadership, National Security, Entrepreneurs and Social Entrepreneurship, Drug Addiction, Disaster Preparedness and Risk Reduction Management.

This course provides an overview of the Computing Industry and Computing profession, including Research and Applications in different fields; an Appreciation of Computing in different fields such as Biology, Sociology, Environment and Gaming; an Understanding of ACM Requirements; an Appreciation of the history of computing; and Knowledge of the Ley Components of Computer Systems (Organization and Architecture), Malware, Computer Security, Internet and Internet protocols, HTML4/5 and CSS.